Secure every Bytes of Data

Encrypt all data - excels, PPTs, files, images, videos, audios, zips, dockers, containers, code, etc. and protect any data and file you want, wherever you want- be at home, office, clouds and data centres with just point of click on your local browsers, without even sharing your private key over Internet or public/private network. Our product are designed on Zero Trust model- simply means, your data will always be secured, be at-rest or in-travel and over internet. Click here to try free product- ; To know more about the product or demo, write us at

Secure way of Sharing Information

EncryptGig helps you Encrypt and securely Share your personal information on any social medias such as WhatsApp, Telegram, ShareChat, etc., any email service providers such as Gmail, outlook, etc., any cloud sharing on Google, Azure, AWS, etc. or even sharing offline through pen drive or hard disk. Only those whom you want to share, can decrypt the data and information. Thus, even if malicious actors get access to your data via any digital platforms, they can’t exploit or abuse your data as they always stored in the encrypted form. Test our product: and to know more about our product, write us at


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Do crypto operations on various types of data, file, image, audio, video, docker, container

Secure All Data


Why need to secure every data?

The notion that only financial or personal data are important and should be secured is no longer true, as hackers and attackers are stealing all types of data, whatever comes on their ways, such as customers records, phone numbers, email ids, products launch information, internal project files, bidding & financial info, log files, meeting records, audios & videos, IP addresses, geo-locations, patients records, and whatnot. As IDC predicts, 175 Zettabytes (175 * 1011 GB) of data will be generated by 2025 due to the exponential rise of internet users, IoT devices, etc., which was just 40 ZB in 2018. Unfortunately, This rapid data growth has already invited ransomware attackers, hackers, malicious users, etc. who are emerging as a real threat to all organizations and individuals equally. These cybercriminals are searching and stealing all types & sizes of data, and with the help of modern tools and techniques, turn these random data into critical information to target the victims, demand money extortion, cause a massive brand with the reputation damage, and even sell these data in the grey market. In addition to rapidly growing remote offices- it becomes imperative for all organizations or individuals to secure all their data- be it structured or unstructured, irrespective of their employee’s designation, location- stored in the data centers or home- all these traditional things don't matter now.

How Secure-All-Data works?

To solve the big data-theft problem, EncryptGig has developed a revolutionary encryption product- EncryptGig Secure All Data- built on the advanced cryptography algorithm which works on the local browsers and can perform the various encryptions functions without even connecting to the internet. The product comes with the highest standard of in-built security. Thus, organizations and individuals can protect every piece of information on their local machines and clusters without sending their data on the internet, neither before encryption nor after, and not even transfers the logs to us. Besides, you don't need to share your private key with us (it's yours only!) while encrypting any of your data- whether it's sensitive or to-be-sensitive data. Moreover, EncryptGig API is designed on stateless architecture, hence any size of organizations – whether it’s a fortune 500 or small or even an individual could easily deploy and use our EncryptGig solution on fingertips. Finally, having digital security strongly in our DNA, EncryptGig Secure All Data is designed in such a way that it can perform the advanced encryption functions on any size of data (GB, TB, PB, etc) with the modern security which runs locally. Now, all organizations or individuals can scale up their encryption abilities to any extent without worrying about any data security bottlenecks. We're truly excited to embark on your critical encryption journey with us. Reach us out at for the demo.


 encryptgig data and file sharing on social medias, emails with personal encryption

EncryptGig Web App

Secure Sharing with EncryptGig App

Why important to secure every personal data and file on internet while sharing?

Data hacking is constantly on the rise in this digital age. Individual’s data, files, emails, information, are sold on the dark web. With EncryptGig, now individuals can take care of their privacy & security in their hands. For instance, if you want to share your file on Gmail, WhatsApp, or any social medias, just login to EncryptGig, upload your file and encrypt, add users email with whom you want to share your file, and just send via any social medias, platforms or even offline. No one can see what you’ve shared, and you’ll enjoy the absolute privacy. You can try our product free here:


 Encrypt IoT devices data

Secure IoT

Secure IoT data

Why to secure IoT data?

Billions of IoT devices are connecting the world seamlessly and undoubtedly this is leading to generate a gigantic amount of data every day. Clearly, organizations and individuals are at higher risk if choose to neglect these data for protection i.e. what if unsecured CCTV’s footages accessed by thieves, car’s route logs will be captured by a malicious person, person's in and out timings at their smart-home gather by thieves, and these are just a few examples. Now is the right time, when all the information captured by the IoT should be encrypted and not kept in as-is format. EncryptGig Secure IoT does encrypt all data with just point-of-click and you can always encrypt/decrypts data with your own private key easily. For more info, reach us out at

Encryption Products and Services


Simple and powerful EAAS model to cater your data protection need

Modest Pay-per-Use model

Flexible billing model designed based on encrypt/decrypt data size and usage time

Unlimited Crypto Scaling

Built on stateless architecture to support massive horizontal and vertical scaling up or down

Crypto log access

Be data vigilant by accessing encryption logs on your fingertip

Secure IoT Data

Protect all your IoT devices data through EncrypGig Secure-All-Data

Your Data Security, Your Complete Ownership

Take total Privacy control in your hands rather relying on any thind parties


About Us

EncryptGig is a team of security experts, who are on a mission to develop powerful, largely scalable and simple encryption products for every organization and individual's needs. Our crypto API engine is designed on stateless architecture and deployable with docker and container, which makes it effortlessly scalable in both on-premise and on various clouds such as Google, AWS, Azure etc,. We strongly believe that all organizations and individual should be under complete ownership of their keys during the entire data life cycle, Thus, no third-parties can access or misuse it, including us. Therefore, our stateless encryption products will always assure that you can use your own keys (YOK) with our applications on any public and/or private clouds, home, on-premise, data centers, etc. Additionally, we ensure that our API continues to be less-complex and smooth to integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, which means it is easy to maintain and bring down lower operational cost for organization. Now, all organizations or individuals can scale up their encryption capability to any extent without worrying about any security bottlenecks. We're truly excited to embark on your critical encryption journey with us. For more details and demo, contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How's our data being secured with EncrypGig?

Your data will be secured with advanced cryptographic algorithm invented by EncrypGig, which runs on your local machine and browser.

Will i loose my original data or file after encryption?

No, we won't replace your original file or data after encryption. It's upto you to delete the original file or keep it.

Does EncryptGig know my key?

No, we never know your key as there are no logs or data fly from your machine or data centres to us. Key ownership will always remain under your total control.

Do I need to remember or maintain all the encryption keys I’ve used in order to decrypt?

Forget the convention pain to remember and maintain private keys and expensive crypto operations. We use Google’s firebase keys each time you do encryption. These keys are secret from Google such that even we never know which keys were used during encryption/decryption. All you need to do is just keep your existing Gmail/credential password strong or multi-factored and you're done!

Can i take a backup on cloud?

Yes, you can always upload encrypted files or data on the Google/ AWS/ Azure or any cloud and simply download to decrypt it

How do I scale encryptgig products in our environment and manage it?

Our products are designed on the stateless architecture and accessible through our API. Thus, you can parallelly run encryption on multiple machines, and always easy to decouple and integrate.

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